Since 2001 the artistic practice of Tapio has pursued the interest in emerging media interconnecting art, new technology and science.
The Humanfuel project got commissioned by HYBRID MATTERs – a Nordic art&science network program 2016, and the sequel Humanoil – the last oil premiered at Ars Electronica, Keplers Garden 2020.

Tapio is the founder and director of i/o/lab – Center for Future Art where she has established and curated Article biennial – a festival for the electronic and unstable art, launched in 2006/2008/2010/2012/2015/2016 in Stavanger. She has pursued a special interest in Bioart, and arranged the first Nordic Bioart Masterclass in collaboration with SymbioticA and Stavanger University in 2008
The legacy of i/o/lab has continue to branch out as Tapio became part of the early developments of NOBA – Norwegian Bioart Arena, developing and programming the Norwegian hub for Bioart located at Vitenparken by Campus Ås.

Art driven by curiosity, knowledge, ability to convey and contextualize aspects of technology and research, both through speculation and critical attitude, have been the basis for many of the projects.
Art encompassing and intersecting with technology and science has been the main objective for the development of projects for i/o/lab. The core activities has been to mediate and to create discourse through facilitating workshops, exhibitions, presentations, talks and conferences. Tapio has been engaged as both artist and consultant for public commissioned artworks and done several curatorial projects.
She is currently involved as curator in the research project Caring futures: developing new care ethics for technology-mediated care practices (QUALITECH) at the University of Stavanger. Tapio is also pursuing artistic research as Phd fellow at FeLT, Futures of Living Technologies at OsloMet. And is invited as associate artist for the Metabolic Art Gathering Program with Medical Museion, Copenhagen.