Hege Tapio was born 1973 in Norway. Lives and works in Stavanger.
Since 2001 her artistic practice has pursued the interest in emerging media interconnecting art, new technology and science. Her work has been exhibited and presented at conferences widely in Norway and internationally.
With a kitchen bench DIY attitude and through artistic practice she has been inspired to how apparatuses and new technology opens to renewed interpretation, creative misuse and critical thinking. Tapio produced the first public interactive electronic art installation in Stavanger consisting of a double sided handmade LED matrix, and has over the years also been engaged as both artist and consultant for public commissioned artworks and done several curatorial projects.
Tapio is the founder and artistic manager of i/o/lab – Center for Future Art where she established and curated Article biennial– a festival for the electronic and unstable art.

Art driven by curiosity, knowledge, ability to convey and contextualize aspects of technology and research, both through speculation and critical attitude, have been the basis for many of the projects.
Art encompassing and intersecting with technology and science has been the main objective for the development of projects for i/o/lab. The core activities has been to mediate and to create discourse through facilitating workshops, exhibitions, presentations, talks and conferences.